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Industrial Cantilever Racking

Used Heavy Duty Racking

A1 Steel Buildings are proud to offer this used heavy duty cantilevel racking. The racks come in 3No. x bays which are 6m in height and contain 5No. x arms. The arms carry either 1000kg or 600kg. Please contact a member of our team for further information. Double and single sided racking are available.



Height of the uprights:           5000mm
Upright centres:                     1200mm
Arm length:                            2030mm/1180mm
Arm loading:                          1000kg/600kg - 1000kg are in both lengths
Are the arms adjustable:       YES


Height of the uprights:           6m
Upright centres:                     1300mm
Arm length:                            1200mm
Arm loading:                          1000kg
Are the arms adjustable:       NO

Used Heavy Duty Racking
Used Heavy Duty Racking
Used Heavy Duty Racking
Used Heavy Duty Racking

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